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This was a beautiful piece of work for a client in the south of france. It's a large piece of carved wood set into the ceiling above a glass dining table. I gilded it to a very high burnish, giving it the shine that it needed to make it seem lighter than it had previously. Click on the thumbnail above for more images.

This job was in a private residence in Gibraltar. It was a rare example of a new building... rare because land in Gibraltar doesn't come up al the frequently! I didn't gild all the work in the pictures you can get to by clicking on the thumbnail, but i've included a few extras so that you can get an idea of the rest of the project.

I worked on this job with Alfie Sweeney, who sadly died in a motorbike accident. He taught me a lot, was one of the best gilders i've known and was a lot of fun to work with.

Click on this thumbnail to see a page of images of a private residence in Belgravia, London. Some of the images are of a ceiling gilded in platinum, both in a part finished and a completed state. You can see where the 3" leaves of precious metal fit together. Other images are of some of the cornices through the property, some before and some after the wallpaper was put up.
This is me, at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Knightsbridge. I was gilding the ballroom, along with about a dozen others! Yes, it was a big job, and we didn't have much time to finish it in. Click on the thunbnail for more images.
This picture is of a bathroom in a private residence in Chelsea, London. Although it was quite a small job, it looked so lovely that i've included it here. The frames and cabinet doors are water gilded in silver- water gilding is normally reserved for picture and mirror frames, and is normally undertaken in gold. Click on the thumbnail to see more.
The ceiling at the Dorchester hotel, London. I was given the job of repairing and cleaning the gold after years of smoking had dulled the gild. Click on the thumbnail for more images.
The British Medical Association, London. A complete repaint. All the gilding was new. This was a beautiful looking job when finished, helped by the proportions of the room and the unusual vaulted and domed ceiling. There was an interesting accoustic effect created by the dome, much like the whispering gallery in St. Paul's. Click on the thumbnail for more images.
This job was in the Laylaty wedding hall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The entire wedding hall was new built from scratch, and me and my team were chasing the gypsum workers, painters and every other trade in order to get the work finished by the due date. I finished on time, to the day... after nine months of hard work for me, a team of 16 and 95,000 leaves of dutch metal!

Copyright 2009 John Parker