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This is a television cabinet in a private apartment in the south of France. Yes, a television cabinet. The TV rises from the top centre of the cabinet when it's turned on. It's gilded in silver, and it's finished to such a high burnish that the cabinet almost 'disappears' from certain angles- check out the reflections. Click on the image above for more pictures.
This work was in the presidential palace in Entebbe, Uganda. It was one of the best jobs i've worked on. I not only gilded the furniture depicted here, but a series of doors throughout the building, and i painted about 19 Ugandan coats-of-arms on various pieces of furniture for the presidential offices. The whole job had to be completed before the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in 2007. In my time in Uganda, I also managed to be held up at gunpoint and to break my nose white water rafting on the Nile. Click on the thumbnail for more images.

A whole page of furniture, various, water gilded in silver. Some of them are in situ in their apartments, some of them are in the workshop, awaiting upholstering. Some of the chairs are newly made, some are antiques that have had the french polishing removed. Please click on the image above for more pictures.
Click on this thumbnail for a page of images of furniture gilded over the past few years. The cupboard doors and drawers are in the same apartment as the television cabinet above, and use the same technique.
A signage project for a private bank in London. I gilded this, it was collected and then i didn't see it again... until i ran into it installed in the bank entrance, completely by accident. Click on the thumbnail for more images.
I wrote some of the signage in the Houses of Parliament (the Palace of Westminster) in gold. Due to the amount of work being done there at the time, the photographs didn't come out all that well. But here's one anyway...
A small job for my godson, a sign to go on his bedroom door. It was good fun to do, and i got to do some stuff that i wouldn't normally be able to persuade a client to pay for!
An advertising project for the middle east. A series of curved, etched glass panels, picked out with gold. Click on the thumbnail for more images.
A piece of work for an artist, in london's Charing Cross Road. The artist himself is in the background, filming the process, which as usual drew a lot of atention from the crowds of passers-by outside. The technique is glass gilding, where an outline of the letters is painted by hand onto the glass, the gold is 'floated' onto the glass using a film of water, then the whole thing is backed with paint and the spare gold is removed. This technique used to be common on the windows of accountants, solicitors and even pubs. Nowadays, people frequently use gold coloured vinyl, but the look is very inferior. Click on the thumbnail for more images of the work.
This is a set of gilded wooden letters for a company in Essex. This kind of signage used to be common on pubs, but the breakup of the brewers' monopolies a few years ago have lead to a decline in the quality of signage they use. These letters used to be carved by hand as well, but the advent of computer driven routers has taken most of the work from the carvers, like the arrival of computer cut vinyl lettering took around 80% of hand painted lettering back in the 1980s. Click on the thumbnail for more images.
This is a set of images of the downstairs washroom of a private residence in the south of France. I gilded the entrance doors and the cupboard doors in platinum and silver. The cupboard doors have a cracked gesso effect on them, and the entrance doors are solid metal. Click on the thumbnail for more pictures of the work.

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