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The images on these pages are of a few restoration jobs from the past few years. Most of them are water gilded frames that were too worn and damaged for everyday use and display. The pictures are of the work in various stages of completion, or on display in the client's properties. Water gilding is a very labour intensive technique that's been around virtually unchanged for thousands of years. I love it!

Clicking on the image above will take you to a page of images of a georgian mirror frame that had to be stripped and re-gilt. It was a lovely job to work on and the finished job was the most beautiful colour. Some of the images are of the piece partially finished or in a 'sample' stage.

Clicking on the thumbnail above will take you to a page showing various silver mirrors i've gilded recently. Strictly speaking, they're not restoration projects... ok, they were a bit on the ropey side when they got to me, but they were originally in gold and had to be stripped, gesso-ed and re-boled in grey to take the colour change to silver.
This was a frame that came to me in quite a sorry state, and had some repairs and a straightforward regild. Like many of the work on these pages, it was 'aged' after gilding, to calm that 'brand new' look. Click on the thumbnail for more images.
This mirror frame was in a very sorry state visually when i came across it. After a careful clean, some judicious work with some abrasives and a regild, it came up nice... click on the image above for more pictures.
A 17th century box, covered in stumpwork embroidery and tiny pieces of gilded barley twist glass, gently restored for a company called Mallett. It has a secret drawer that was so secret that i didn't find it till it was pointed out to me when i returned the box... and i'd been working on it for 2 weeks! Click the thumbnail for more images...

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