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This page is of a project in a private residence in london. The owner of the property wanted the alleyway at the side of her house to look like an old french street. So, the walls were rough plastered, painted with limewash and signwritten, sometimes directly to the surface, sometimes on panels like in the thumbnail above. All the signage was aged; The wooden panels and doors were burnt, the metal panel was buried in salt and the limewash painted lettering was scrubbed with a yardbroom... click on the image above to see more...
This was my first professional job, many years ago, and remains not only one of my favourites but technically one of my best. Click on the image for a larger picture.
If you click on this thumbnail, you'll be taken to a page that has a few of the hand painted hoardings i've made. These are designed by advertising companies in London and contracted out, usually painted offsite in pieces and fitted overnight.
This job was for Martell. It was painted by the side of the road on the way to Heathrow, in the runup to Christmas. The Santa outfits were the idea of the ad agency, and were remarkably warm! Click on the image for more pictures.
Click on this thumbnail for pictures of a few of the hundreds of hoardings that i've made over the years. All hand painted, tailored to the individual shops and businesses they're for.
A series of pictures of some of my glasswork. There's some more in the gilding section. All this work is carried out on the back of the glass, in reverse... click on the thumbnail for more images.

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