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The cow... I get asked about this a lot! It was for a charity project, where corporate clients 'sponsored' a cow to be painted in their colours and style. The client here was 'Mama Mia- the musical', and the cow appeared for two weeks at marble arch, London. Click on the image for a larger picture.
This job was a lot of fun to do. It was on the main road to Heathrow airport, and was painted in the three weeks leading up to christmas. In the first two weeks, i had to paint a 40' hoarding in a summer scene of vinyards with the brandy bottle and glass. In the last week before christmas, i had to paint the whole thing again as a winter scene, but dressed as father christmas... click on the image to see better pictures of the whole process.
This was a sample for a much larger job, and is only half finished. The flower was taken from an early 20th century design, was painted in varnish based oils, and the background was eventually gilded with silver leaf. Please click on the image for more pictures.
This is me, at the City of London club, London. The designs are in a dining room, and were hand painted rather than stencilled for a sharp edged finish. Click on the image for further pictures.
An advertising hoarding, for VW cars. Made of real fur and cloth. Displayed on the same site as the brandy advert above. Click on the image for a better picture.
A series of pictures of the interior of the british museum, showing part of some works to open a new archway to a refurbished gallery. My job here was to paint the brand new wall, pillasters and panels to the exact specifications of the existing and surrounding walls. Click on the image for more pictures.

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